Thursday, 29 March 2012

Corporate caterers London – Summer creates a perfect opportunity for corporate entertainment

As summer descends the annual sporting events begin creating the perfect opportunity for business fat cats to lay on fantastic corporate catering.

Strawberries and cream all round

The sun is shining, the Pimms is flowing and summer has officially begun.  This may not be a scene that can generally be set in the UK with our temperamental weather but the theory is there.  The summer also sees the influx of sporting annual sporting events such as Wimbledon, the Henley regatta and the races to name but a few.  When the good weather happens to fall on the exact dates of these fantastic corporate events, it is only right to make the most of it. 

The great outdoors

Fantastic days can be had by all at classic summer events such as Wimbledon and over recent years sporting events have been going to town with corporate catering and entertainment to make these days extra special.  Corporate catering in London especially is a fast growing industry with such a large number of events being within a concentrated area. 

London is a corporate catering venue in itself

London is such a fantastic vibrant city with acres of luscious park land.  London’s parks are fabulous places for corporate catering and entertaining and firms have cottoned on to this.  There are a number of ways that corporations have been able to access the general public to increase their brand awareness, one of which includes one day festival events.  Examples of bigger companies that have embarked on these include:

·         Innocent Drinks
·         England Rugby
·         Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream

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