Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Food For The Healthy Golfer

The game of golf requires strength, endurance and flexibility. These are three physical characteristics that make for an excellent round of golf.

Golf pros normally advise players to perform exercises to help them develop these physical traits. A bit of dumbell lifting, some pull downs, rowing, and so on. Then there are the exercises to strengthen one’s ankle muscles for greater support.

But one can only go so far with exercise. In fact, one’s exercise routine can likewise be adversely affected if they don’t eat the proper food. You fill up your car’s fuel tank with super unleaded to make it run more efficiently, right? The same goes for your body. The proper food intake can spell the difference in whatever you do. And your golf game is no exception.

Here are a few dietary tips to make you a healthy golfer:
  1. Just like anyone else, golfers need to maintain a well-balanced diet. This however is a bit different from the regular balanced diet we are all used to. Their diet puts more emphasis on carbohydrates. In fact, it is highly recommended that those carbohydrates make up around 50 percent of their food intake. Those “carbs” can be found in whole grains, pasta, breads, fruits and vegetables, and low fat dairy products. Carbohydrates give the body its much-needed energy for physical activity. What’s more, it helps burn fats more efficiently.
  2. Protein is yet another dietary requirement golfers need. They can be found in beef, chicken, fish, and beans. Protein is useful for regulating body processes and hormones. Moreover, it strengthens muscles and repairs any damage cased by sprains, for instance.
  3. Then there is fat. This should make up the least amount of calories on your diet. It likewise provides energy for physical activity. It can be had from butter, cheese, and most food products.
  4. Fluids are the last part of a golfers’ diet. To most people, fluids don’t mean much. This isn’t so for golfers. In fact, one needs a lot of fluids when out on the golf course. It is best to drink at least one gallon of water before leaving your home or office. This allows your body to absorb fluids and keep you from dehydrating. And it would be best to take a few gulps during the game. Energy drinks are likewise a fantastic way to replenish lost fluids due to lots of physical activity.

They say that we are what we eat. So a golfer’s diet can make for a fabulous golf game. Bon apetit! http://www.nhs.uk/livewell/healthy-eating/Pages/Healthyeating.aspx

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