Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Impress clients with business buffets – 3 options to ponder

If you have clients over to your office for meetings you don’t want them to go hungry, so make sure their appetites are catered for. You could bring in packet sandwiches or homemade food, but that doesn’t really seem very professional. Another more sensible option is to order in corporate buffets and you can offer your clients the following:

Breakfast buffet
If you have an early meeting it’s quite possible that your clients won’t have had breakfast yet. With a breakfast buffet you can get the day off to a great start with coffee, croissants, sandwiches and other food to fuel you and your guests.

Finger buffets
Finger buffets are a good choice for a lunchtime meeting as they give people the opportunity to have as much or as little as they like.

Hot buffets
If you know that clients haven’t eaten and you would like to really impress them, a hot buffet could be just the job to impress them and get your firm in their good books.

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